Notations on the US Political Scene: On Early Voting; Clinton, Jindal & Other Thoughts

Election Season is ever so in the United States--As it is in India. Early Voting has begun in a number of states as Sample ballots have been received by all registered voters as the final battles are being drawn.

As we went to press, we were reviewing the latest out of the so-called US Mainstream Press and all indications are that the US House will remain in Republican Hands and they're slated to add to their Majority. The US Senate, though, is up in the air especially as a number of interesting races are shaping up to peek the interests--including one particular one in the State of Kansas as Pat Roberts, the long-time Senator, is being challenged by a third-party upshot. What is striking is that Senator Roberts does not even have a home in Kansas. That's really not too surprising--since President George H.W. Bush called a Houston Hotel in Texas for a while before settling back in Texas as he built his Library.

It was so interesting how the onslaught of solicitations for money was ever so. Some of the early reviews indicate that both Parties seem to have fared well as the final push begins for that fateful day on November 4. The Usual Suspects (Koch Brothers; Karl Rove) are ever so busy as are the Political Punditry class including Nate Silver, the Princeton Election Consoritum and some of the old hands--including Charlie Cook. Such people may not be as much familiar to those outside the United States--but they are given a lot of weight because they are part of the ever expansive punditry that is epitomized by the rise of sites like Politico, Huffington Post and others who seem to note how much of a monopoly they seem to have on political discourse--and being joined by Bloomberg as its' launches its' new Political Program on the eve of the elections. 

What is also clear is that the 2016 race has also been going on ever so in a serious way. As Democrats await the fateful decision of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Republicans are jockeying for position. What was kind of shocking was to see reports on US Mainstream Media on the possibility Mitt Romney yet again coming on for another run. Many on the right are talking up his "views" and noting that if he had won--the US would not be faced with the calamities it is currently faced with. There is one that is continuing to push his own credentials: Bobby Jindal. He is the current Governor of Louisiana. But what is striking is that he seems to be more involved in pushing his National Ambitions than running his State which is at the bottom scale on a number of key metrics in which states are measured. His latest pronouncement has to do with pushing Oil ever more. This is as the evidence reflects the continued calamity that World is in and how for instance the World Wildlife Federation has noted that we would lose 50% of our wild animals if we don't think different. 

As we went to press here, the pressing news was the resignation of the Director of the US Secret Service. A new interim Director was named to oversee the agency and an Independent Panel has been named to investigate recent Security Breaches. Reports this morning note how a fired Security Contractors that apparently was armed was on the same elevator with President Obama as he visited the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta Last month. This is an Army Veterans jumped the fence and made it all the way to the East Room.

As the debate ensues over it all, it was kind of gratifying to see both Democrats and Republicans actually agreeing on something--even though there is a clear disdain for President Obama. The problem that needs to be addressed is whether the resignation of one person will actually serious lapses. The bigger issue is the bubble that Presidents live in--and The White House is a symbol of the power that the people have which needs to be protected at all costs. Will that balance be maintained or will a sense of overaction--as it times past will be the order of the day? Only time will tell.

The  dilemma, though, was over so laid out by the fab. Jon Stewart:

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