Notations On the Plight of Human Rights in Iran: The Continued Struggle of Nasrin Sotoudeh

Nasrin Sotoudeh, the Human Rights Advocate and Lawyer, has been barred by the Iranian Bar Association under pressure from the Judiciary to practice Law.   In being on the "Grid", her statement on her intention to protest her disbarment is hereby noted which was released to her Facebook Page.   Although the statement is in Farsi, it lays out the plight of the lawyers, how the accused are denied right to Counsel and the sense of Justice that seems to be dissipating by the day in Iran today:

 This is just one example of profound headwinds that the Rouhani Government continues to be faced with.   This is as the horrific acid attacks on Women in Iran's Second Largest City, Isfahan, continues to spread a sense of fear among women--despite assurances by the Spokesman's For the Judiciary that the culprits will be captured and prosecuted and lamented the crime in as strong as term as any official in the Islamic Republic could muster.    
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