Notations On Our World: : On #Malala and Satyarthi awarded #Nobel Prize; #Pakistan, #Markets & #Kobani

Photos: © AP Photo/Bernat Armangue/NTB scanpix ; Anthony Behar/Sipa USA/NTB scanpix as noted by http://nobelpeaceprize.org/

The day began with the Nobel Committee exceeding expectations by awarding the Peace Price to two ordinary individuals who have worked ever so to make a difference.  Al Jazeera reported on it as such and it has also continued to make inroads around the World: Malala and Satyarthi awarded Nobel Prize - Europe - Al Jazeera English.   It was also gratifying to see the View from Pakistan as GEO TV had it on its headline.

What was striking was the silence of Prime Minister Sharif.     His brother, the Chief Minister of Punjab, noted that Malala was "misguided".  That should be some indication of what Official Pakistan thinks of this brave little girl who has done ever so to make a difference for all.   But Molana noted that she wishes both Prime Minister Modi of India and the Pakistani Prime Minister to attend the ceremonies.   In lieu of the firing by Pakistan on Indian border posts, it will be a sight to see..   It was gratifying though to see that Pakistan's Army congratulated Malala.    We here @ "outsiders" congratulate both of these wonderful souls for what they have done to make a difference.

Beyond this wonderful news, though, being witness to war is disheartening.     Overnight reports reflect the siege of Kobani in Syria continuing as the thugs of Dayesh (Also known as the IS/ISIS/ISIL in Western Media) continue to push along despite US-Led airstrikes that seem to have no effect.    The last updates reflect that they have seized the headquarters of the Kurdish defenders and the City Jail.     As the War continues, there is the continued economic uncertainty underscored by Bill Gross, the former Pimco founder now at Janus Capital.--and Bill Gross is one of those men that should be listened to. 

Speculators are apparently starting to push markets lower especially with all the uncertainty that is ever so prevalent around the World.    This includes the profound uncertainty in Europe and the fight against Ebola.   There is one welcome respite:  The price of Oil.  It is continuing to drop with the last price at $ 84 a Barrel.    
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