Notations on Our World: A Challenging 24 Hours in the Middle East

It has been a challenging 24 hours yet again in the Middle East.

A prominent Egyptian Blogger,  Alaa Abdel Fattah, has been sent to jail for being accused of organizing illegal protests.    His Sister, Sanaa, was also tried and sentenced to three years for  organizing illegal protests.      This is as Egypt declared martial law in the lawless Sinai and declared intentions to create a buffer zone supposedly to fight  militants  The true realities, though, were laid out here:

It is clear that The Egyptian President is one paranoid  leader as he believes that the youth are as much a danger as they are.     As Egypt  struggles so does  #Israel.    It is ever so interesting observe how the true realities on the ground in Israel is becoming. ever so evident.     The new session of Israel's Parliament, the Knesset , has begun and the choices before Israel are ever so challenging in the aftermath of the Gaza War.   The Israeli Prime Minister has essentially killed off any further chances for negotiations by deciding on further settlement constructions in East Jerusalem as early elections loom.       This is fueling a silent Intifidah in Jerseulaum that #Abbas warned against:

Iraq continues its' journey to the edge of the abyss as the latest reports shows continued daily bombings in the capital and beyond with no apparent end in sight.   There  is also Saudi Arabia with this shocking news:

It seems as if criticism has no place in the Middle East today as exemplified by the continued detention of the Al Jazeera staff in Egypt.    

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