Notations For the Day On #Iran, the #Environmentt, Freedom of Speech & a Brief "Musical Interlude" On Quite AWeek

Earlier today in Iran, the President and the Parliament had a joint meeting to discuss the on-going challenges facing the Country.     This is as the wife of Jason  Rezaian the detained Tehran correspondent for the Washington Post has been released according to reports reviewed this morning here in "Outsiders".  It is welcome.    However, the continued detaining of the British-Iranian Woman is of profoud concern:

We will be releasing comments on it within the next day or so as the looming November 24 deadline is before us.   The situation on the Syria/Turkey Border though is worrisome.     The UN Syria Envoy has called for international intervention to save Kobane--but the UN Syria Envoy does not seem to realize that the train has already left the station.     It was also of note that Turkish Kurds have been demonstrating against Turkey's inaction.   Beyond The immediate challenges on the ground, there is of course the Biden Gaffee.  The US Vice President--known for his matter-of-fact comments---got in trouble and had to apologize to Turkey and the United Arab Emirates for implying that they were responsible for the rise of ISIS.    The problem is that he was not entirely wrong.

It is a challenging World--especially as the World has to deal with Climate Change and the enviornment--although the sceptics touted the fact that the World is "cooling".     It is fall--yet California continues to be ever so hot and the drought continues to be prevalent.    Many had held out hope that El Nino will begin to dissipate the effect of the drought--an apparent pipe dream at this stage.  But a sense of awareness must be the order of the day as we see what we can do to help somehow transform our World.   Staying engaged in such a fashion is ever so critical to really understand the effects of human contributions to it all: 

We leave you all with this which underscores how hopeful we need to be for the sake of  us all:

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