An #outsiders Newsflash From #Iraq & #Egypt: On the Plight of the Refugees

***Updated with a brief clip from the Daily Show****

The Tragedy of #Iraq is ever more as this heart wrenching report from @Al Jazeera's  Jane Araf underscores.   How a 110-Year man was beheaded by the sub human mutant scum of Dayesh (Also known as ISIL/ISIS/Islamic State) defies all sense of decency.  As #Iraq and #Syria continue to burn, #Israel also is on the edge as well with the attempted assassination of an Israeli Right Wing Activist by a suspected member of Islamic Jihad: 

Iraqi refugees forced to live under ISIL - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

In the meantime, #Egypt has begun creating a buffer zone to combat militants by blowing up homes on the border with #Gaza.   The fight in #Kobane is continuing and we here @ #outsiders welcome how leading US Officials--including the US Special Envoy General Allen referring to the sub human mutants scums as Dayesh.   We are also continuing to assess the role of Turkey as we reviewed an interesting Washington Post report on the rift with Turkey on this subject.

Beyond the immediate ravages of the Middle East, we here @ #outsiders  have been assessing this report from +Oxfam GB

It is compelling reading that should be a wake-up call to all.    This is as the US is leading into the midterms which we hope to comment on.   The Daily Show has been on the road and shared once again a very colorful  perspective on the state of Politics in the United States Today--it speaks for itself:

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