Thought 4 the Week: On a World @ War, Remembering #Madiba

The first day of September is now about to be history.    The World continues to be witness to tragedy in some 161 Countries around the World.    I was clamouring for a sense of hope and a reaffirmation of a sense of purpose that led to the initial start of what has now grown into a 5-Blog Channel to do what can be done to have a sense of purpose about it all.   In visiting the "Social Grid", these three thoughts on Facebook under the hashtag #LivingtheLegacy said it all.    There needs to be a sense of courage, a sense of purpose and a sense of direction to build and overcome--a sense of poverty and helplessness that seems to be prevalent today.   All have to have hope that that they can overcome.

These thoughts speak for themselves.  As I reflected upon these, I wondered who will emerge that would speak and command the same sense of purpose that Madiba had.   Despite all the odds, I remain ever so hopeful:

Post by Nelson Mandela.

What is ever so amazing about the interent is truly the art of the possible, though--as epitomized by this: http://www.barakabits.com/.    With all the terrible news out of the Middle East, this site that is dedicated to good news from the Middle East was so beautiful to review and reflect upon.   This was as my mind drifted onward to Palestine as it struggles in the aftermath of the latest Gaza War.   The beauty and eloquence of it all spoke for itself and I shared it throughout the Grid--to do my utmost to live up to #Madiba's Admonition to build:

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