On This 9/11: On Service, Responsibility & Open Internet

Today is Patriots' Day in the United States.   There are many of us who remember where we are 13 years ago on that tragic day.    To celebrate it, the folks @ http://www.911day.org/ have spreadheaded efforts to encourage volunteerism.    I look forward to supporting recycling efforts at my Son's School starting in a few hours.

On this day, though, another tragic event happened.    The United States engineered the overthrow of the elected Allendee Government in Chile that brought in a era of repression that in many ways Chile is trying to shake off even today.  It is a tribute to the People of Chile, though, that the daughter of one of those who stood up to the tyrant Pinochet is now President.    As America will not and should not forget, The World should also not forget.

The struggle for Freedom, also, has no bounds.    The US Federal Communication Communication is mulling over Open Internet Rules.      On the eve of Patriots Day, leading sites spreaheaded a slow down to try and underscore what would happen in the event that new FCC rules do in fact go into effect.     The FCC has asked for new rounds of comments as noted in their twitter feed:

The need to maintain a sense of openness is ever so vital here and now.

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