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It has been ever so a challenging week as our World was witness to the brutality of the so-called Islamic State with the brutal and cold-blooded murder of Steven Sootloff.   It has been gratifying to see how the World has risen up.   The Vice President of the United States spoke for the billions around the World when he noted in his speech that they will see the Gates of Hell because hell is where they belong.

As this very tumulous week around the World has concluded, it was also gratifying to see reports on the BBC and Israel 24 that Ayatollah Khameini, Iran's Supreme Guide (Also referred to as the Supreme Leader in Western Media) has authorized US and Iranian military contacts to deal  with the Islamic State Menace.    General Sulemiani, the Head of the Revolutionary Guards Quds Force, was depicted in an image recently as Iraqis along with Kurds broke the siege of the City of Ameli in Iraq.  The war is going to be long since the thugs of the Islamic State continue to control territory the size of The United Kingdom and continue to be self-financed.   Their thuggery has not been limited to Western Targets:  A Lebanese Soldier was also beheaded and his funeral was held in Lebanon this past week.

Al Qaeda has also reared its' ugly head again.    It has come out launching a branch in the Indian Sub Continent.     Al Qaeda is trying to stay relevant--no question.     It prompted the Indian Home Ministry to put 7 Indian provinces on alert.    This is as India is dealing with its' own challenging Maoist Insurgency that has gone on for quite some time.      India and Pakistan were also at each others' throats as the Indian Border Stations were under bombardment by Pakistan Rangers probably to provide cover for Kashmir insurgents to cross into the county.   It was quite a coincidence as Pakistan's Capital, Islamabad went up in a state of agitation with Khan & Qadri demanding Nawaz Sharif's resignation.   It was also quite striking that the Taliban did not take advantage of this to strike out on their own.

This week, though, also saw some further good news.   The Iranian President, Mr. Rouhani, was able to win another incremental battle as 3G came to Iran.   This was after an initial "religious declaration" by one of the Ayatollah's was reported whereby he noted that it was "un-islamic":

Post by Al-Monitor.

During a speech in Tehran, he noted bluntly:  If the next generation does not arrive today, it will arrive tomorrow.    But there are battles ahead as Iran deals with a severe drought that has seen one of the most important rivers in the Country, Zayandeh Rood, that flows through Isfahan--run dry.     This has also been a week that has seen the truce in Gaza holding.  This is as Palestinians are trying to figure out the next step and continue the blame game.   The cost of the War, though, has been staggering on both sides.  Israel has to go through budget cuts:  

Post by Middle East Monitor. 

Israel itself is also faced with profound challenges.    The disappearing Middle Class in Israel is probably a bigger concern than anything else.   It was initially discussed in this provocative post back in 2011.  It has become worst.   This is as racism and violence is continue to increase against Israeli Arabs.   It has been so challenging that the Israeli President,  Reuven Rivlin  criticized what he described as the increasing wave of racism and violence- warning that such acts influence democracy in Israel.

All the challenges are superseded by the continued profound challenge of Climate Change.     There needs to be a sense of sanity that has to prevail.    This morning in Southern California saw huge waves coming into shore as an aftermath of another cyclone.   What the folks @ Take Part noted was especially painful to observe especailly as I have been to Lake Mead and have very fond memories--as the Western Part of the United States suffers its' worst drought.  

Naomi Klein reflected upon the reality and a call to action that all must consider:  

The UN has also noted that Global Warming is here--and will more than likely be permanent.   What is so interesting to note is how  "Ordinary Faces" are rallying to somehow serve as transformation agents:

Global Warming and Economic Crisis Lead to One Solution: Climate Jobs

May Boeve from 350.org and Bruce Hamilton of the Amalgamated Transit Union discuss how the environmental and labor movements have united to organize the People's Climate Summit in NYC
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What was also gratifying to note this week was the truce agreement between Ukraine and the Rebels. The statement by the President of Ukraine struck a positive tone.     Hopefully it will hold.  The European Union Just noted that if the ceasefire holds, they would refrain from sanctions.    

It is ever so a challenging World--but this admonition from the Dalai Lama is worth remembering:

Post by Kind Spring.



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