An "Outsiders" Newsflash (9/8/2014): The View from the Economist on a Sustained Economic Recovery

Economic growth is a profound challenge right now--exemplified by the August 2014 job growth numbers in the United States.   With Job Creation slowing down a bit and Europe hitting a wall yet again, it was quite a case that the Economist Made on how things can change.     Despite the horrendous scenes from India and Pakistan on the floods in Kashmir, Senses in India hit highs of 27,225 and Nifty has hit all time highs.   So far so good for Prime Minister Modi.

As the "Fight for 15" is continuing to gather steam in the United States, The question is whether the pay squeeze will end or not?

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The Economist@TheEconomist
A sustained economic recovery in the rich world will remain elusive until the pay squeeze ends econ.st/WgLVA7pic.twitter.com/PFxRrN9vjt
03:05 AM - 08 Sep 14

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