An "Outsider" Newsflash (9/24/2014) : On the "Virtual Run" @ the UN General Assembly

World Leaders have assembled in New York.      One of the highlights is the meeting between the UK Prime Minister Cameron and Iranian President Rouhani:

David Cameron  

It is quite significant as it underscores that Iran's diplomatic efforts to overcome the previous 8 disastrous years is bearing fruit.   This is as Prince Saud, the Saudi Foreign Minister, and the Iranian Foreign Minister Dr. Zarif have also met.     

Although such on-going diplomatic efforts is always welcome, the news over the past 24 hours has also been tragic as a French Tourist traveling in Algeria was abducted and subsequently murdered an an affiliate of the Daesh (also referred to as the Islamic State//#ISIS//#ISIL in Western Media) currently wrecking havoc in Syria & Iraq (and which we've commented on here in "Outsiders").   President Hollande was absolutely right on when he spoke for the World.     

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