Thought 4 the Week: On A Need 4 Joy & Happiness :-)

There is always a need to engage and relax no matter what the challenges are.     This latest retrospective reflects it ever more courtesy of the ever insightful #
Jonathan Lockwood Huie: 


Life must be lived as play.
- Plato 

Grin your smile; giggle your laugh; unfurl your joy;
dash the last trace of your self-consciousness;
and cavort your most uninhibited play.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

& I would add that our work must be also play as well--because if we do not enjoy it--what's the point?  My Son reminded me of this fact just as I was working away on this which led me to this I ran across courtesy of Dr. Wayne Dyer while researching the latest on the Social Grid:

Onward!! :-)
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