On a "Virtual Stroll Around the World " For the Day: An Interesting Day

Robin Williams was found dead of an apparent suicide today.    At first, I though it to be a hoax--but when I saw reports from France24, i24News From Israel and Al Jazeera confirming what came out of Marin County, I was frankly shocked.   It is sad to see anyone perish.

As I made the rounds on the "Social Grid",  I saw this:

This is the crew of the Iranian Airliner that crashed in Tehran in a residential neighborhood as it took off from Mehrabad Airport.  I have flown in those planes and it is an absolute death trap.   I hope their death is not in vain--there have been too much death already as the crippling sanctions have taken a heavy toll on Iranians.    It was with great joy as I read Mr. Rouhani visibliy angry during a meeting with Iranian Ambassadors as he told the dead-enders in the Country who are "afraid" to basically "go to hell..and hope they find a warm place".   He called them cowards.  It was gratifying to see that at least he came out swinging against them all.

What I find also interesting is the latest out of Iraq.    It was a welcome development (also welcomed by the White House) --but Maliki said he would sue the Iraqi President and apparently the Iraqi Supreme Court has said that Maliki does not need to go anywhere.    This is as the thugs from the so-called Islamic State Gang continue their advance towards Baghdad and engaged the Kurds up North.   It is an increasingly difficult situation with no apparent solution in sight.   The right in the United States is clamouring for intervention yet again--and noting that the US should have never left.  Although the Status of Forces agreement negotiated by the Bush (II) Administration left the Obama Administration left virtually no choice.   Being everywhere is clearly not an answer.

There is one bit of good news at least:  The latest ceasefire in Gaza appears to be holding for now.   But the day after is yet to be clearly defined by all parties.  i24News is reporting that the two sides are close to a deal.    However, Israel is also blasting the appointment of a commissioner to investigate abuses in Gaza.  I have seen reports that George Clooney's Wife-To-Be, Amal Alamuddin, is part of a 3-Person Panel to investigate the abuses--however she has refused to serve on it citing her existing work commitments.    The "Social Grid" was abuzz about the real motives behind her backing out after the fact that she had made her reputation in the field of Human Rights defending the likes of Julian Assange.  H opefully this report will not suffer the same fate as the Goldstone Inquiry which Israel destroyed--and it appears that it is to do so here and now with its stance.    One such sense of the truth was depicted in this by a Facebook Friend:

Israeli Pro-Government commentators and spokesmen are already pushing the narrative

It has been a very challenging day.   It is not easy to live up to this admonition while being witnessing to such thuggery around the World--but Gandhi Ji Reminded us to be the change we want to see in the World:  

Onward..with a continued sense of hope !! :-)

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