On our World on a Challenging Week: Thoughts for the Week-End

We're faced with a World that is ever so dangerous.   As we prepared to go  "dark" for the Week-End here in "Outsiders",  we received a newsflash from India's NDTV on Pakistan attacking 22 Indian Border Security Forces in Jammu & Kashmir.     This is as Pakistan has been in the midst of a political upheaval due to the march on Pakistan's Capital, Islamabad, by the opposition demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister.

As we're witness to such a challenging, dangerous and angry World, we should remember what Gandhi Ji told us about wanting to be the change we want to see in the World.  Part of it entails having a sense of compassion and understanding which begins with the simple admonition that the Persian Prophet Zorostan (Zartoost) told us some 6,000 years ago:  To think good thought, to do good deeds and to talk kindly and justly.     This little clip (courtesy of the team @ Give More) speaks to this in a profound way:

We should also not forget this and hopefully do what we can to help elevate others:

 If America is the pursuit of happiness, the best way to pursue happiness is to help other people. 

George Lucas (1944- ) 

May we all be blessed to do what we can in this endeavor.

Onward to the Week-End.....
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