On #Ferguson, #FieldsPrize & #Iran: Thoughts & Views

I noted in a newsflash last night about the horrifying scenes out of Ferguson Missouri which was broadcast all around the World.    What a difference 24 hours brings:

It was gratifying to be witness to a total change in tone in #Ferguson Missouri as the Governor Nixon of Missouri put the Missouri Highway Patrol in Charge--with Captain Johnson, a Ferguson native, in command.     It was an absolute pleasure to retweet this beautiful scene.  While on the "Grid" earlier, I noted that this is how policing should be--Police and the Community as one.

But as this good news was making the rounds of the "grid",  one more beautiful headline made the news as Professor Maryam Mirzakhani of Stanford--an Iranian Native--won the Fields Prize in Mathematics.   It was also gratifying to see that her name generated over 1.6 Million Hits!! President Rouhani congratulated Professor Mirzakhani as well. 

This wonderful milestone, though, is tempered by the realities in Iran Today as epitomized by this tragedy: 

If President Rouhani is to really live up to his mission to be thougthful and hope and realize the essence of the roadmap he noted in his remarks to Iranian Ambassadors, he should use all his persuasive powers to free up such gems as they languish on in Prison especially as he just congratulated the head of the Judiciary in the County as he was just reappointed by Ayatollah #Khamenei--the Supreme Guide of the Country (or what the West refers to as the Supreme Leader).

It was quite appropriate as I saw this:

He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything. -Thomas Carlyle

& not forgetting this at all:


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