On the Dawn of September 2014: Brief Thoughts on Labor Day & Ever So Grateful.....

It is the dawn of Labor Day in the United States.   It is a day to remember all who have served and all who serve.    While on the "Social Grid", I reflected upon this:

It is also important and ever so crucial to remember how truly blessed we are despite all the challenges.    As I finish this Opening Retrospective on the eve of the new month, further scenes of violence out of #Pakistan is terrifying to observe.    Protestors supporting Imran Khan and the Cleric Dr. Qadri have broken through barricades to run to the Pakistan Prime Minister's Residence.    Pakistan Military has come out and say that the conflict must be resolved politically as the political leaders seem to lose whatever credibility they have left.   But  Ashraf Qazi, the former Pakistan High Commissioner to India, has noted that if this is not resolved--all bets are off including a possible dissolution of Parliament.   What happens in Pakistan matters as it deals with a raging Taliban insurgency, economic stagnation and political paralysis.    

As a new and rather challenging month is at hand, it was worth noting to take a pause to remember this admonition--it is truly possible: 

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