On A Beautiful World & A Beautiful #Life: Thoughts 4 the Weekend

It is the dawn of a Week-End and the midpoint of the Third Quarter of 2014.  It has been a challenging year.   These two thoughts courtesy of friends on the "Social Grid" brings a sense of purpose that underscores a sense of realism-yet a sense of hope:

  • This first one is on a true "history" of the World which is spectacular in its' beauty: 

History of the World In 2 Minutes by RumbleVideo

  • This one minute tribute to #RobinWilliams brings into focus how it is important and crucial to insure that one's life truly remains spectacular--and what a beautiful life he had in making us laugh, making us cry and realizing the essential humanity that we have to live for: 

As the great Diane Nyad always reminds us all:  Onward!! :-)
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