As A "Virtual Milestone" is Celebrate: Brief Thoughts For the Week-End

The World is at war and the need to think different is ever so crucial now for the sake of our Children and Grandchildren.  Otherwise, as Dr. Chopra noted in his "Talk to Al Jazeera" interview, humans will face extinction.

"Outsiders", in large measure, grew out of this desire to seek out ways to think different and assist in creating a more humane and engaging path.   On the occasion of this "Channel" reaching a milestone-of 2000 Posts, it was fitting to feature the advise that Deepak Chopra released recently to his own website on resolving not just the wars  Gaza, but all the other wars that are raging on in our World Today--and to create a sense of a more humane and just World :

 Is there a Spiritual Solution to the Gaza Conflict?

Special thanks to @BuddhaBrian for submitting the image for #CosmicCounciousness
  1. 1Speak with respect, lack of respect will get you nowhere
  2. 2Recognize that in any conflict there is perceived justice on both sides
  3. 3Recognize that both sides are operating from fear
  4. 4Refrain from belligerence
  5. 5Understand and use the techniques of emotional intelligence
  6. 6Recognize that your values maybe different than the values of the people who are in conflict with you
  7. 7Do not make the other person wrong
  8. 8Refrain from defending your ideology or religion
  9. 9Be willing to forgive and ask for forgiveness
  10. 10Strive for wellbeing
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