As the Battle For #Iraq rages on.......

Radio Farda, a Farsi service of Radio Free Europe (part of the Voice of America), has reported that men on motorcycles with Islamic State Flags have been seen in major cities in Iran's Kurdistan Region . This is a region that has been traditionally restless.    It is an absolutely horrific development that should hopefully wake up the Iranian Leadership to go beyond what they did when they sent soldiers to Iraqi Kurdistan to beat back the Islamic State.   It is also worthwhile to note that the Iranian Foreign Minister is in Baghdad to confer with the Iraqi Leadership:

 Zarif Goes 2 Baghdad

It is part of the changing dynamic of Iraq that Hosyiar Zabari, the Kurdish Iraqi Foreign Minister has been reappointed and is now back at work--a welcome development.

Part of the predicament goes back to fateful decisions made at the outset of the Syrian Revolution 3 years ago.   Mana Neyestani at Iran Wire Captured this beautifully:

Quite a predicament for the World....
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