View of the Week: On the Grid For the Week-End in #Gaza, The Media & Other Thoughts

The war in #Gaza continues with no apparent end in sight.   There are some startling statistics that were reported on early on Twitter: 
It was quite interesting how the Institute for Palestine Studies remembered #Madiba on Mandela Day: 

What is quite refreshing is how some of the leadings lights in Israel are noting how this war that was unleashed will hurt Israel in the long-term because of the challenges it represents.   Israeli Soldiers have already died.   It was quite startling to hear how much it is actually costing the Israel to fire each Iron Dome Rocket and the daily cost of the War that seems to be expanding by the day.   Israel does not have much time politically and it continues to undermine Israel's position.    Israel24 is reporting that Hamas has reported on an Israeli Tank being ambushed near Gaza City--and Haaretz just reported sirens in south and central Israel.    This is as some of the realities of life in Palestine today is hard to ignore--which has forced the resistance to continue as it has:

Thankfully the Web and the Grid is able to provide some sense of the reality on the ground.  However, with the pending FCC decision to change the rules, who knows what happens.   Comcast--that owns NBC--made a move to reassign Ayman Mohyeldin after he witnessed the 4 Children being killed and was reassigned.  After an outcry, the decision was made to send him back into Gaza.   It underscores that the US Media has lost all sense of credibility.   Thankfully, there are outlets such Israel24 that are trying to present probably the most realistic view at hand.     The eminent scholar Professor Dabashi reflected on it on his Facebook Page: 

A journey of peace and brotherhood is an impossible journey right now especially as all are trying to gain an advantage--but to what end.   Code Reds continue to be going off throughout Southern and Central Israel.       There is no other choice though and Tony Robbins reminded us all: 

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