View of the Week: Hard Truths....

ISIS's rampage is continuing throughout Iraq.   As we went to press, the horrific scenes of historic sites in Mosul being blown up by ISIS was horrific to watch.   This was as the so-called Caliph gave a sermon in Mosul telling Muslims that they had to pledge their allegiance to him.   The misery is bound to continue for quite some time as The Iraqi Army has just launched another assault on the hapless City of Falluja that has been under the Control of these thugs since late last year.  These thugs have undertaken an absolutely sophisticated public relations strategy of recruitment.  It was absolutely horrific when Sky News reported how two British Girls of Somali Origin somehow found their way to fight alongside ISIS in Syria.

As the old boundaries of Syria and Iraq are being redrawn and the people suffer in major ways, what is so unfortunate is how it seems the US Corporate Media seems to recycle the same cast of characters that did the "sell job" that are now again rehashing the old tired discredited arguments.    What was also quite amazing was how the Daily Beast reminded the World of the ugly colonial legacy that continues to haunt all even today as "Gertrude of Arabia" was the prime culprit--fascinating reading indeed.

 Jon Stewart again brought it out in a way that is absolutely hilarious--yet ever so true:

It is always amazing that at least one element of the US Corporate Media is able to lay out the real truth. As this has been going on, NBC News featured Tony Blair, the Former UK Prime Minister--and the Neo-Con's Neocon--again came out trying to be an expert on the Middle East.    It was amazing that NBC News even had the nerve to book this man.    This is as Fox did this as noted by the esteemed scholar Professor Dabashi: 

 Be very careful about what you read and learn about the current events in Iraq and Syria--like the outbreak of a deadly disease the sensational news of the so called ISIS, or ISIL, or Da'esh, or now "the Islamic State" conquering Iraq and Syria and planing "world domination in five years" banks heavily on a massive body of mis- and dis-information--here is where American and European disease of Islamophobia aids and abets in the propaganda machinery of the international gang of mercenaries that calls itself by those namesonal gang of mercenaries that calls itself by those names--take this map that both Fox News and ABC News have been disseminating as the plan of action for world domination by Da'esh--it turns out this map is actually the work of an infamous white American conspiracy theorist and has in fact originated "in part from a video game called Victoria 2." For details see here:http://mediamatters.org/mobile/blog/2014/07/03/why-is-the-media-taking-these-isis-world-domina/199984/199984.

The hard truths by Jon Stewart underscores the simple yet crucial fact:  there are no easy solutions.  That's the ultimate hard truth.

Excerpts  released to http://www.outsiderviews.com, 7/2014
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