On A Challenging World: Brief Thoughts 4 the Day

It has been a very tragic day around the World.   Malaysia was subject to another tragedy today as 290 people perished when #MH17 was shot out of the air.     #NDTV of India just interviewed a couple in Amsterdam who was slated to be on the ill-fated flight.   There is a lot of finger pointing so far and no one seems to know yet--although this that Mashable reporting on was quite disturbing:

The War between Israel and Hamas has entered a new phase as Israeli forces have entered Gaza ostenibly to destroy the tunnels--but it is probably bound to expand further.  The ordinary Gazan is paying a profound price as ever so depicted by the gifted Iranian artist Golrokh Nafisi "Termeh".   This is a beautiful depicition of the 4 young souls who perished when the Israeli Navy shelled the beach in Gaza City as they were playing Soccer/Football.  Professor Dabashi of Columbia was good enough to share this with the World as he released it to his Facebook page earlier tonight: 


As the World is able to see this live feed from Gaza @
 http://www.aa.com.tr/live1/gaza-live.html, one wonders when will this insanity stop?   
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