On the "Grid": On # Gaza & A Sense of Hope w/a sense of history (Daily Thoughts)

The War continues in Gaza.  As I write this, Israel reported that 6 more Soldiers were killed as Israel continues its' war against the Tunnels.  How Hamas been able to build the tunnels as they have is amazing. Despite all that Israel has done, missiles have again been fired into Israel including a number of them above Tel Aviv.

The cost on Israel is rather staggering:  32 Million Dollars a Day  Furthermore, every Iron Dome Missile Fired is an estimated 50,000 Dollars.   The Israeli Prime Minister visited the border and underscored his determination to continue the war.   The problem is that it is undermining Israel's position.   Diplomatic Efforts are also continuing as the Secretary of State has left for Cairo.  A tweet from "Outsiders" was  sent to the State Department Spokesman wishing them much success--for the sake of all who are suffering right now. Right now, i24News is interviewing Maha Mehanna in Gaza to get a sense of a true sense of the terrible realities on the ground.

What is tragic and unfortunate is that all sides (including the Palestinians) bear responsibility.    Marwan Bishara of Al Jazeera underscored this in his very perceptive analysis here which I also noted in a tweet earlier:

Gaza 1994-2014: The peace that led to war - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

The insanity is set to continue for a while yet.   But,  this  from One Voice reflects a sense of hope about the art of the possible:

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