As the Insanity in #Gaza continues: What about the Ordinary Faces Who are Losing Everything?

The War in Gaza continues with no apparent end in sight.   Although there have been diplomatic moves and the US Secretary of State has noted that , "..progress has been made", it seems not to translate into realities on the ground as people continue to die, Al Jazeera came under fire and the Foreign Minister of Israel called for Khaled Mashal to be assassinated: 

On the prowl. will sanity prevail? the view 4rom #Israel: 1 soldier unaccounted for in #Gaza | i24news: http://www.i24news.tv/en/news/israel/37814-140721-liveblog-barrage-of-25-rockets-launched-at-central-southern-israel 
A dose of a reality check verified by what I see out of #Israel Media: For #Netanyahu,#Gaza war’s risks r rising: http://alj.am/UmuzAV 
Enough said: Bereaved Israeli, Palestinian families: We don't want more families like us | i24news - See beyond http://www.i24news.tv/en/news/israel/society/37837-140721-bereaved-israeli-palestinian-families-we-don-t-want-more-families-like-us 
Actually the #Israel FM is the problem: Lieberman wants to ban Al Jazeera from Israel | i24news - See beyond http://www.i24news.tv/en/news/israel/diplomacy-defense/37852-140721-lieberman-wants-to-ban-al-jazeera-from-israel 

I am at loss to explain why the Foreign Minister of Israel continues to be serving at his post.  As the US Federal Aviation Administration imposed a ban On US Owned Flights after a missile hit a mile from Israel's Ben Gurion Airport, the entire US Political establishment got into an uproar.     FAA decided to lift a ban on flights from the United States--despite the fact that it is a war zone despite Israel's representation to the contrary. The uproar in US Political Circles was quite an event to watch. Michael Bloomberg flew into Tel Aviv on El Al and got on Fox News to talk about it after being met at the tarmac by the Israeli Prime Minister.  

While on the "Social Grid" making the rounds on Facebook, it was amazing to see the level of discourse.   Although a few friends were probably lost as a result of some of the analysis shared, it was poignant to continue the dialogue.   This was shared earlier with one on Facebook to underscore some of the key challenges historically which has continued to haunt a lasting solution:

Thanks for your comments. Please understand this: there are those of us around the World that support the right of Israel to survive...but do dare to disagree with Israeli Government Policy....the current Israeli Government has done its' utmost to torpedo the peace process no matter what justification they espouse...and when you have an Israeli Foreign Minister that calls for the ethnic cleansing of the Arab Citizens of Israel...it is a challenge--right as the US VP was going to israel , Israel announced a expansion of settlements....as an FYI as well, Fatah has accepted Israel's right to exist....and also Saudi Arabia , as an FYI (despite its' own rather despicable record on human rights and how it has bankrolled some of the very challenges the world is facing today) proposed a peace plan for the Israelis....even Hamas said that they would offer a 10-year truce back in 1998....and I am of the view that if Israel had embraced that view, Hamas would have been forced by its' paymasters (and yes that includes Iran because at the time Iran had somewhat of a moderate President (within the context of the Iranian political process) which would have mitigated some of the challenges we face today....we can play the blame game all we want..but as Henry Ford said, "don't find fault, find a remedy"...and yes at this stage it does not matter anymore as Israelis have to rush to shelters, Israeli Children are being traumatized, as 28 Israeli soldiers have lost their lives, as 1 in 20 Palestinians have been displaced in Gaza, over 600 Palestinians have lost their lives..and over 3,000 people have been injured...there needs to be brave people on both sides....Arafat and Rabin had the backbone to shake hands at the White House despite all the problems Oslo Had....King Hussein had the courage to have a cigarette with Rabin..and Rabin paid for it with his life....Sadat had the courage to go to Jerusalem and paid for it with his life....Gandhi Ji Taught us to be the change we want to see in the World....Isn't it time now to do it?

This is as this was captured from Space and made the rounds over Twitter:

As I saw the Uproar over the FAA ban and assessed the realities, I saw this on NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin which underscored the true realities. I could not help but wonder what Mr. Bloomberg, Senator Cruz and Senator Schumer will say to this young man who has lost it all--Hopefully a sense of Sanity will prevail sooner than later  and I await that chance to reflect upon it--there are too many heart-wrenching stories such as this: 

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