A "Walk-About" On the Grid: On #Gaza (with updated footage from the West Bank Protests) & Other Thoughts

We here at "outsiders" wanted to share some late breaking comments as we prepare to "go dark".   It has been another extremely challenging 24 hours.   Another school was hit and the civilian toll in Israel has passed 700 in Gaza.     A CNN reporter asked the question from a Doctor: How many children were killed?  He noted too many.     The images are horrifying and unbearable to watch.

As the war goes on, it appears that the West Bank has arisen as well:

As the agony of war continues, It was quite distressing to see how Senator Ted Cruz of Texas came out with a blistering attack questioning the motives of the FAA by holding up State Department Appointees.  It appears that Senator Cruz--who is a Lawyer--does not either know the law or willfully decided to ignore it.     Beyond the the political noise in the United States, one view of the reality was reported by   The Institute for Middle East Studies:   FAQ: Misperceptions about the Conflict in Gaza | IMEU

It is also crucial to underscore these statistics as reported by i24News:  

According to the army's latest data, Israel struck 3,333 terror targets since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge on July 8, some 1,853 since the ground operation began a week ago.
In addition, Israeli forces detained 150 Palestinians suspected of involvement in terror activity on Wednesday and transferred them for questioning.
Some 2,270 rockets have been launched from Gaza at Israel, 448 of which were intercepted and 1,777 which struck Israeli territory.
The Palestinians are reporting 788 fatalities, among them more than 120 children, and over 5,000 wounded. The UN says more than 100,000 Gazans have been forced to flee their homes....

J Street initiated a petition to urge Secretary Kerry to press on.   We here at Outsiders were privileged to add our name to this quest for Peace.   As the war has continued, Israel inaugurated a new President who will take office on Monday August 28.   Arab Members of the Knesset boycotted this to protest the continued war in Gaza--even though they supported him.   His speech, though, is a sign of hope--if only the Foreign Minister of Israel embraced the same view the new President.    His Facebook Page has consisted of an attack on Qatar, the UN Human Rights Commision and a member of the Knesset for exercising his Constitutional Rights.   

As The War continues (and it appears that it will continue for a while due to further "expansion" being authorized by the Israeli Security Cabinet), there is Iraq, Syria, Libya--and Egypt.     Beyond the Middle East, there is also Ukraine.   The Government of Ukraine has collapsed as the Prime Minister has resigned.    The victims of Malaysian Flight #MH17 have started to be sent back to The Netherlands.   It was an extremely dignified ceremony which showed the whole World a sense of humanity and a sense of beauty which was beyond words.   It was in direct contrast to how the Ukrainian Rebels and the Government of Russia has dealt with the aftermath of the tragedy.  The propaganda and disinformation has been horrendous.

As this tragedy unfolds,  The war in Ukraine continues with no apparent end in sight as two more Ukrainian Military Planes were shot down by rebels.  It is just so tragic how war again is happening in the middle of Europe after all Europe has gone through.

As we go "dark" til August,  the thought drifted back to what Teddy Roosevelt reminded us and Jonathan Lockwood Huie shared in his daily outreach: we will do what we can with the best that we can:

One can't help but wonder when will sanity ever prevail?   

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