Families of Slain #Israeli & #Palestinian Teens Turn to Each Other for Comfort: How Beautiful

All are on edge in #Israel and #Palestine.     The challenges on both sides are well known.  But, for today, I wanted to share this beautiful story  as The Mayor Of Jerusalem shared his thoughts too on his Facebook Page earlier:

This was very beautiful--to me it was leadership in action.    I commend the Israeli Prime Minister for  meeting  with the father of the #Palestinian Youth that was burnt alive. I remain hopeful--there is no other reason not to be hopeful especially as Israeli Reserves have been called up, #Hamas Rockets have been landing in Southern #Israel and as the Israeli Right clamours for more direct action--especially as Israel just hit #Gaza.   I also was quite amused that Lieberman, the Foreign Minister, ended his alliance with the Israeli Prime Minister--it is quite opportunistic especially as the possibility of a third intifada is ever so within the realm of the possible if cooler heads do not prevail.     

As I assessed the continued fast moving developments, I could not help but wonder: Can reason prevail? Can the latest tragic deaths be a trigger for change?
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