"Virtually Running Around" Our World: On The World & the Need to be ever so hopeful.....

As I write this, there is live coverage from NDTV in India as the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi has come under attack.   It appears that up to 12 Gunmen have attacked the Airport and are hold up in the old side of the Airport used for Haj Operations.   Units of the Pakistan Army are involved and fires are evident--it appears that two Airplanes have been set on fire.   Why such men undertake such despicable acts is simply beyond words.   As Pakistan deals with its' terrorist challenges, the shocking attack against the leading Presidential Candidate, Abdullah Abdullah was also of profound concern in the heart of Kabul.    Their reach continues to be never ending  

As we're all witness to such carnage,  one has to be hopeful.  I see no other way as a new week dawns as epitomized by this latest curation of talks from Ted.Com which underscores the focus needed:


A better you (13 TED Talks)

Ready for a change? Watch these talks for ideas and inspiration on all aspects of your life, from creativity to vulnerability. Watch »
Total run time 2:55:15
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