View of the Week: Brief Thoughts on The "political front"

The United States just had an election that would determine the final two years of the Obama Presidency. One key "headline" dominating Cable News has been the release of the US Soldier and questions being asked. The Conservative Media has been on the prowl on this subject and it is bound to continue. A high-tech lynching (to borrow a phrase from Clarence Thomas) seems to have begun in earnest. It is tragic to see it as other challenges are ever so. There has been another video of another Western Couple that is quite tragic in its' own right: What was also of note was this on the Keystone XL pipeline that was quite worrisome and was so noted on Twitter: As for Election Results, the potential re-emergence of the Republican Party in California was worth noting. Whether the inroads Republicans have made in the primary elections will translate into a General Election Win remains to be seen. Beyond California, there is another very interesting in Mississippi that is pitting a Tea-Party backed candidate against a 42-year Veteran: Thad Cockhran. It appears that Senator Cockhran is in the political fight of his life. What was so hopeful and beautiful was this that Scott Lay, one of the preeminent political analysts in California wrote in his daily "nooner" update: Good morning from Blythe, where I am working on a few hours sleep and Comfort Suites coffee. I'm going to prison this morning, but not in the Orange is the New Black sense, but to applaud inmates graduating with degrees and certificates. This is my third time, and these students become model inmates and the recidivsm rate is 1.526%, whereas 65% of the overall inmate population returns to prison within three years, according to CDCR. Ironwood is a Level III prison, the second highest level of general population, so we're talking about inmates with tough stories. Actually, this is the same program at Ironwood State Prison that started the rehabilitation story of Prophet La'Omar Walker, who earned a spot in November along with Mike Gipson in AD64 (Carson) last night. Check out this TEDx filmed last month sponsored by the Ford Foundation on the program at Ironwood. It is becoming quite a slugfest as the Mid-Term General Election season is at hand. Also released to http://www.outsiderviews.com 062014//All Rights reserved....

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