On Iraq Right Now: Notations 4 the Day

Iraq is now under a state of emergency. Mosul has fallen to the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (Leviathan) (ISIS) and it bodes ill for the future. Nineveh, where Mosul is, is under threat. This is as Anbar is also under ISIS's sway as Fallujah is yet to be taken back by the Government. . ISIS is the same entity that is also ever so powerful in Syria and it constitutes one of the most profound threats to stability right now. This underscores how tragic and tough the situation is right now: It is a developing story as reports I have reviewed note how some 500 Million Dollars has been stolen from banks in the City. The ISIS thugs have taken control of Mosul's Airport and there are report that helicopters at Mosul's Airport have been transferred to Syria. The Iraqi Prime Minister is pleading with the Kurds to take up the fight as he's also trying to arm civilians. ISIS is continuing its' move towards Kirkuk--a major oil producing area and Tikrit--Saddam's Home Town. ISIS is very much an effective force as the Iraqi Army has proven to be a totally ineffective. ISIS is in effect in de facto control of a wide area within Iraq and Syria and it remains to be seen what they will do now--will they move on Baghdad? Will they attack the Kurdish region? Will they up the ante in Syria? Will they undermine a fragile Jordan? What is clear is this: Iraq is no more--and it is simply tragic for the Iraqis and America that paid so dear a price in blood and treasure.
Released to http://www.outsiderviews.com, June 2014
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