As the Weekend Looms: A View For The Weekend

In the United States, the NBA held its' annual draft.  It is quite an event and many aspiring players were given an opportunity of a life time.   As I was watching this on ESPN, I could not help but be happy for all the young men who were part of the estimated 1% that are able to make it to the pinnacle of Basketball.   But, for me, the true highlight of it was when the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, drafted Isiah Austin.    He was drafted by Commissioner Silver even though he was diagnosed with a very rare genetic disease.   I could not help but be moved by it and shared this while on the "Grid" making the rounds on Facebook earlier tonight.    Isiah Thomas' tears said it all.

As I was witness to this beautiful selfless moment, I was also sickened when I saw the latest coming out of Egypt:

This is as I also saw this on the Guardian about how the Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is slated apparently to serve as an advisor to the new President-King of Egypt, Retired Field Marshal Sisi. Mr. Blair was on the TV circuit (and Britain's Sky News did a nice job really grilling him) advocating for another Iraq War after being such a zealous advocate. What continues to be disconcernting is how Mr. Blair is serving as a Middle East Peace Envoy--and he's achieved nothing. From what I have seen from the fabulous reporting done by the Guardian of London, it appears that he's gotten richer and will apparently even get richer as he gears up to help Sisi. It is gratifying to Bill Clinton cut to the chase during his interview on NBC News: If the fateful decision in 2003 was not made, The World Would not be here today. That's reality--and many of us underscored this. It was interesting how a story today noted how the Iraq War critiques are not being booked on the News Networks--and I noted that it simply was not sexy.
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