Around the World: On-Going Major Challenges

It has been quite a week around our World. Iraq saw an audacious attack by the Al Qaeda Affiliated Islamic State of America to the City of Samara that was quickly crushed by the Iraqi Army. If left unanswered, it would have further tore Iraq Apart. Beyond Iraq, there is Afghanistan. Abdullah Abdullah, the front runner to take over Karzai, survived an assassination attempt: This happened in the heart of Kabul that continues to underscore the reach of the Taliban as the US draws down its' presence. But there was also at least one reasonably decent news on Ukraine: On the eve of the D-Day remembrance, Francois Hollande of France played host to a number of World Leaders. He actually had two dinners with Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. Reports reviewed by the team also reflects that apparenlty Putin and Obama have also talked. But what was ever so hopeful was that the new President-Elect of Ukraine and Putin talked and agreed to talk some more. This also crossed the wires: The courageous kids did just great. There are also major developments beyond this, though. Egypt has invited Iranian President Rouhani to attend Sisi's Inauguration. Is this a sign of somewhat reasonable relations to come? Never a dull moment..that's for sure....

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