On Our World Today: Brief Daily Notations

It has been another very challenging and yet fun day around our World over the past 24 hours.l  As I saw the story from Re/Code on Alibaba, I saw the chart from Business Insider that reflected the extent of what Alibaba actually does and my eyes nearly popped out as a I finished a "newsflash" in my "vision" blog channel.   Although I was aware of it, I had not closely looked at it--but I had followed the rise of Jack Ma and his rags to riches story.   Jack Ma is another example of how anything is possible.

As an Achievement is celebrated, there is also the continued tragedies in Nigeria, in Syria and South Sudan.    I reflected on it briefly while on Twitter Earlier:

I have also been assessing the latest out of Thailand.   France24 is reporting that there is a ruling due on the abuse of power against the Thai Prime Minister which may result in his removal.    Where that goes is anyone's guess.

As a new day is at hand, I conclude this with this thought that I personally took comfort in that I saw in my daily review earlier today from Cherie-Carter Scotts:
Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible.    
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