On Our World This Week: Brief Thoughts/Notations

As I commented on this in Outsider Views earlier, the fast moving World never seized to surprise me.   I was gratified to see that Nawaz Sharif is going to India for PM-Designate Modi's Swearing in.   There is great scepticism, though, about the path that India is taking as Modi takes over.     Beyond India, there is Thailand as the Thai Military finally made its' move.   The Veterans Affairs scandal, though, seems to gather further steam as the Conservative Media Circles are truly gearing up to go after Barack Obama even though an estimated 250,000 Veterans are not covered for basic insurance due to decisions by GOP Governos.   

One welcome news is the visit of Pope Francis to Jordan and Palestine.    He would be, according to this release on Professor Cole's Informed Comment, visit Syrian Refugees in Jordan estimated at 600,000 (10% of Jordan's Population)    There is also the European Elections on Sunday which may see the UK Indepdence Party make even more gains and even potentially gain at least one seat in the UK Parliament next year.

There is also a new Media Outlet in our midst:  One America Network.   They have positioned themselves as a "competitor" to Fox News.   Even though the folks at One America seem to "admire" Fox, they want to be truly "Fair and balanced" while again applying the Fox Model by having programs such as The Daily Ledger and other interesting names.   It is interesting how some are able to rise above it while others are not even given the time of day.

Fascinating time as was ever so with the "excerpts' of the column released to Outsider Views earlier this week:

It has been another extremely worrisome 24 hours around the World as we here @ Outsiders continue onward with the research. The Thai Military staged a coup and has suspended the Constitution. This was after we noted that they had decided to declare Martial Law. These moves were not surprising by any means in lieu of the fact that Thailand has been paralyzed for over a year due to the standoff between the two opposing camps. One wonders if the Thai Military and the Monarchy were not there to hold Thailand together--what would become of Thailand.

Beyond Thailand, there is India. Prime Minister-Designate Modi is gearing up to take the oath of office on May 26. The reports as noted by NDTV--India's CNN--note that some 2500 People have been invited. The invites to all leaders of India's neighbours is especially welcome. Hopefully all of India's neighbors will take up the offer to insure a new day that begins May 26. This is as the introspection within the Congress is getting to be quite stark. What is striking is how Modi is gearing up to hit the ground running. Indian Government Bureaucrats have been directed to present 20 Minute Powerpoints on their Departments, their challenges and their roadmap and underscore why they believe they should not be downsized or outright eliminated. There have also been rumors of Ministers. Comments will be forthcoming upon the formal announcements of Ministers.

This week-end is also Memorial Day in the United States whereby all who have served and many who fell are remembered. As this story reflects, the price paid for service can never be repaid. This is as the scandal around how patient data was handled by Veterans Administration Hospitals continues to grow. A White House Deputy Chief of Staff has been designated as a trouble shooter to fix this. This is as the Campaign for the Mid-Terms has begun in earnest. 
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