On India Right Now : Brief Notations As a New Era Dawns

It is a new day in India as there is gavel-to-gavel coverage on as Narendra Modi takes charge in India.  It is quite a day to be witness to history especially as there have been a lot of subtle changes like for instance not giving the children of politicians Ministerial Posts.

Some notations on this day was reflected upon in Outsider Views earlier...excerpts of it are noted below:

India's NDTV24 is providing live gavel to gavel coverage of Prime Minister Designate Modi's big day. I saw him visiting Rajghat, The Memorial to Mahatma Gandhi to pay homage to the Father of India: 

He has been on twitter noting that he is on his way to seek the blessing of Former Prime Minister Vajpayee as he continues gearing up for his day when he gets sworn in at 6:00 PM India Standard Time with his Council of Ministers. The Cabinet has been formed and the key ministers seem to have gotten the nod. There is speculation that Sushma Swaraj is one of the so-called big four as she is slated to be the Foreign Minister. It is interesting that her Twitter handle has been changed. The Prime Minister's Staff has also been finalized as well including the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister. There are 23 Cabinet Ministers, with an additional apparent 10 Ministers with independent charge and 11 Ministers of State. It will still be a smaller government than the previous government. 

As developments go on, what is interesting is that the Prime Minister-Designate may retain the Defense portfolio. It is not confirmed yet. This is as Nawaz Sharif has just landed in New Delhi along with the other South Asia leaders. Hamid Karzai has also just landed. It was interesting that he did not have time to see Barack Obama when he was in Afghanistan. 

There is of course the view from the ever eloquent and perceptive write Arundhati Roy as she noted in an interview with Pakistan's Dawn.com that, "..Now, we have a democratically elected totalitarian government....".      

It is quite an event--and fun and ever so exciting to be witness to.....
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