On Forgiveness: Brief Daily Thoughts....

I have been making the Virtual Rounds on the "Social Grid" catching up w/Friends and assessing the World.    As always, it is ever so a challenging World.  I saw this "Thought 4 the day" courtesy of Ziglar Team that was on the Ziglar Facebook Page:

It is a beautiful admonition to live up to especially as all who have had personal setbacks.  But, it is not an easy thing to be live up to when one hears about the plight of the Girls out of Nigeria.  The so-called leader of the Thugs who kidnapped those Girls boasted of this earlier when I saw him on CNN and how he said he was going to sell them all off.    Although one has to be strong to forgive (and Gandhi Ji reminded us of this), there also needs to be a sense of justice--and the Boko Haram Leader will have to be brought to Justice.    Hopefully this is a final wake up call for the Government of Nigeria to finally clean up its' Act.

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