On the Eve of A New Work Week: Brief Reflections & An Admonition from #Einstein

This Week-End was again an opportunity to reflect upon what was beautiful about life, all that one was ever so thankful and about the possibilities.     It began with a day of service and support for the youth of our Community at Scout-O-Rama 2014.  The joy of the Youth as they played games was just beautiful.   One could also never not go to a Scout-O-Rama and not sample all the Dutch Oven Creations the Scouts did.   It was just beautiful.

This was also Mother's Day Weekend.    Our World is a better place because of Mothers--and for those of us who still have our Mothers with us, we're ever so blessed.  This is despite their tough love and unreasonableness at times.  I reminded my own Son about this blessing too so that he never forgets. 

This was also a time to reflect upon this admonition from #Einstein.   The need to push the limits is ever so--and it is important to have a sense of purpose and not be discouraged.    Thoreau also reminded of this sense of solitude that would contribute to a sense of strength that is beyond this realm of the possible: 

We have to believe--and have faith.    There is no other possible way.
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