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What a Way to Start a Month
It has been a chaotic 24 hours around the World. There was a train bombing in India, a station attack in China, violent protests in Eastern Ukraine and protests throughout Europe on May Day. As I have been assessing the World as May 2014 began, what I found surprising was the arrest of Jerry Adams, the Sein Fein Leader for a murder that occurred some 40 years ago. How the IRA murdered a mother of 10 is absolutely shocking. Jerry Adams' arrest was based on old "Boston" tapes. Martin McGinnis, the Ulster Deputy First Minister, talked about the political nature of it. Time will only tell.  

Assam in India has been besieged by violence. NDTV is reporting that the Assam Government has asked for 10 companies of paramilitaries. The Indian Army is also on standby and maybe deployed. This is part of the on-going insurgency throughout India that besieges that vast country and as all indications are that Modi will be the next Indian Prime Minister. There is talk of a "Modi Wave". It is fascinating to see it all in action, though.

Beyond India, there is China. The Station attack in the Uighur Region of China has been attributed to separatists. I found the timeliness of the attack especially striking as the Chinese President was touring the region on the advent of May Day. He was meeting with Military Leaders in his Mao Suite and underscored a firm response. It appears that the Uyghur separatists are not drifting away anytime soon. But what I found ever more shocking was the scenes from Ukraine as Pro-Russian Protesters attacked the Regional Prosecutor's Office. This is as Putin told the German Chancellor that Ukraine has to withdraw its' troops immediately. What was amusing that he seemed to forget his own record. I wrote in a Tweet when I saw the story on The Daily Beast, a US-Based Web Newspaper, that Mr. Putin needs to stop being a Tsar first before talking about being a Democrat. Sky News is right now reporting of Helicopter Gunship Firings. This is as the Interim President of Ukraine has reinstated Conscription. 

As May 2014 is also before us, Syria's tragedy continues with no end in sight. I found it just laughable that Bashar Assad had the nerve to vie for re-election. I could not believe my eyes as I reviewed the reports from the BBC on the situation in Aleppo--as Government Jets struck a School. The last time such images were before us was during World War II.

It is quite a way to start the Month of May around our World....

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