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Notations on Our World (5/4/2014)

Released to http://www.outsiderviews.com,  5/4/2014

As we here @ "outsiders" were gearing up for the latest here in Outsider Views, the story that was of particular interest was the apparent free-fall of the Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Abbott.  The Sydney Morning Herald reported with the next few days about how the Prime Minister support is at 39% over the so-called death tax.   It appears that the voters of Australia have had buyers remorse!!

Australia, though, never seizes to be interesting.   As with many around the World, we were also amazed at the reception given to the Duke of Cambridge and his family.    It was such a moving scene on Anzac Day as Australia and New Zealand remembered the fallen.   One wonders why would anyone wishes to have nations go through this especially in places like Ukraine.    What has been disturbing even more is how the other so-called former Soviet Republics are increasingly under siege.   This is as more crucial debate like what is being documented here and reported by the team @ Mashable seems to not be as important:



The senseless violence in Assam, India is also another matter we've been assessing here.    29 people were killed.    The relatives are refusing to bury them until the Chief Minister comes to visit them.  It is good news that at least there has not been any violence--even though the accusations are flying.   It is frankly amusing to see how the senseless violence is being used for political purposes.

Beyond the senseless Assam  violence, there is the bizarre campaign.    One of the Muslim Parties had noted that if Muslims don't vote for them, they would need to have their DNA checked!!  But, more importantly, it is the BJP offer to the Chief Minister of West Bengal for a "Big package" if the Chief Minister hooked up with them.   She came out and said:  Never in my lifetime.  Modi, in the meantime, has hit back hard while on the Chief Minister's home turf.  

All of this drama and somewhat of a Bizarre campaign will be resolved May 16...can't wait who will be called a cat and a rat.   The US, also, is going to the polls in about One Month with the crucial mid-terms which will determine the course of the United States as the battle for 2016 begins in earnest as it deals with a challenging image in no small measure due to the collapse of the latest attempt at the Middle East Peace Process:



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