A Day of Service & Love

It was a day of service of love as I had the privilege to serve as a Merit Badge Counselor teaching a very interesting Merit Badge--Composite Materials--to some 26 Scouts today.  As I reflected upon this day, (which I plan to comment about in my local blog, South County Matters), what struck me was one of the Scouts in an Electric Wheelchair with his Father and how he was so enthusiastically finding the GeoCaches and how that level of love by all was ever so evident by his Father.

As the evening dawned, I listened to this clip that I received courtesy of the team @ GiveMore that underscores what I saw today about showing the love for all and a sense of selflessness that was ever so evident:

Will Smith is absolutely right on when he reminds us all that the kind of life we lead has to be about loving all--and working to give back.    A sense of strength and ultimate success will be so we all remember that--something that Mitch Albion reminded us all of:

The way you get meaning into your life
is to devote yourself to loving others,
devote yourself to your community around you,
and devote yourself to creating something
that gives you purpose and meaning.
- Mitch Albom  

It was such a privilege to be witness to it on this day.

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