Hanging out with Vint: Fun :-)

As I was working away, I was lucky enough to find out about this hangout with Vint Cerf and join the discussions.    It was insightful, fun, educational and made all of us realize the sense of purpose we needed to undertake to insure that this wonderful creation that he was a vital part (and continues to be) remains ever so vibrant as it continues to be under threat.

Here it is..courtesy of the team @ Google :-)

Well, that was awesome, Mike.

On Wednesday, Internet users from all around the world had an incredible opportunity to hear from Vint Cerf, a father of the Internet.

Vint joined a special Hangout hosted by Leo Laporte, where he answered questions submitted by the Take Action community. Did you get a chance to join in?

If you watched the Hangout, tell us your favorite moment. And if you didn't catch it — watch it now in full.

Watch the full Hangout with Vint Cerf now

Here are some of my favorite Vint quotes from the Hangout:

On keeping the Internet free and open:
"The economic value of an open, free Internet is so powerful, and in my view, so compelling, that we should all be repeatedly articulating that the value of the network comes from what we put into it and what we get out of it." 

Has your Internet provider upgraded to IPv6 yet? If not, you're still using the beta version of the Internet!
"I honestly thought that if...the Internet idea actually worked that we would then build a production version of it. And what happened is it got loose! Into use! We've been using the experimental Internet design since 1983 when we turned it on!"

Sometimes even a father of the Internet can get a little impatient:
"Much of what's happened [with the Internet] is not surprising, and in some cases one wonders, why did it take so long?"

And, saving the best for last, uncanny resemblances:
"[Someone] once asked me, 'Are you the Architect?' And my response was, 'What makes you think you're not in The Matrix?'" 

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Thanks. More to come soon!

Derek Slater
Google Inc.
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