A "V-Thought" 2 get the New Week Going :-)

I have been "on the Social Grid" today working away as I continue to ever so fascinated with an ever changing world as one "Ordinary Face" thinking about our world.   .    I was very pleased to read up on the release of 4 Iranian Border Guards who were kidnapped by Baluch Separatists after an intervention by the Elders of Baluchestan.   The 5th Border Guard's fate continues to remain unsolved.  This was as I saw the disappointing and disheartening news about the continued detention of a 32-Year Old Iranian Activist that celebrated her birthday in captivity.

As we begin a new week, it is not the easiest thing to be hopeful as struggles are all around us around the World.  Yet, a sense of hope and faith has to drive us--I see no choice about it.    As a new work week begins, I saw this while on "Facebook" and it brought  a sense of joy about how anything is possible and to paraphrase Dr. Wayne Dyer: Change the way you look at things and what you and how you like at things will change.

As the great Diane Nyad always notes: Onward...

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