On the Eve of Q2: Brief Thoughts and a Belief in the "Art of the Possible"

Q1 2014 is coming to an end. The first day of spring has begun and with it the possibilities at hand.

We here at "outsider views' decided to break the silence temporarily to briefly reflect upon a very challenging World which has been before us especially over the past few weeks. Whether it was the disappearance of Flight MH370, the Russian takeover of Crimea and the on-going challenges around the World, such events has given leaders around the World sleepless nights. As we continued the planning process, we have continued to assess the situation in Afghanistan. It was with a sense of shock and horror as the attack of the Serena Hotel in Kabul occurred which resulted in the killing a Young Afghan Family. A 40-year reporter for Agence France Press,, his wife and two of his children were shot at point blank range. It is absolutely horrific beyond words which underscores the plight of Afghanistan as it finally says goodbye to the Karzai years. 

As we gear up for the new Quarter, we will be assessing the state of the World and assessing ideas & on-going thoughts: the essence of why this project will evolve and continue. We want to take this opportunity to express a continued sense of appreciation to all who visit daily and hope that we will continue to exceed expectations as the evolution of this project evolves. We hope that this very hopeful, uplifting and engaging talk is enjoyed to underscore how hopeful one must be no more what the circumstances may be:


We end this retrospective with the hope that the Worldwide search for MH370 culminates is a sense of closure for the families as Australia and the World continues their search. We hope the almighty grant all the families a sense of solace on their loss a prayer for those lost souls. 

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