Looking to a New Quarter: Brief Thoughts

Q1 2014 will be history soon.    It has been a very challenging period to say the least.    As I hope to take and assess "Outsiders" to the next level, I have also been reflecting upon history.    Watching the film Lincoln reminded me that if one has faith and confidence--that anything is possible.   Although the film has a bit of "Hollywood Hype", the essential fact remained that he wanted to abolish slavery and he was able to do despite all the nay sayers.     I also had a chance to see Wilson about his faith and recognition of how America had to change.    That sense of idealism in the truest sense is ever so important now.

Although Ukraine is a challenge, I remain hopeful and by the time I take up developing "Outsiders" starting next month, that cooler heads would have prevailed.  Too many people have died,  Too many people have suffered and too many people continue to suffer.  China is beginning its' annual National People's Congress and the endemic fight against corruption is center stage.   India is in the midst of an election and we will see some changes soon.    Syria's killing fields continue ever more.    Turkey continues to be besieged by a conflict between an increasingly autocratic Prime Minister and a mass movement that is yet to play itself out.     This is a as America enters the budget season with some very ambitious goals by President Obama to scale back the size of the Army--even though the US continues to spend more than all 10 other countries around the World:

Although I remain hopeful about Iran, trouble continues to be ever so on both sides.    But, as I take a "sabatical" from the writing and research on "outsiders", my mind drifted to this from the Dalai Lama and end with this fervent wish:

..and hope that I can--through the development of "outsiders"--live up to this admonition.

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