On the Eve Of The Week-End: Brief "Daily Thoughts"

It has been quite a week.   Ukraine saw off its' President as he re-surfaced in Russia insisting he was still President.   This is as Venezuela began to have a carnival despite its' profound challenges.

This is a nice sentiment from Og Mandino to remember--if only those around the World truly understood with all the calamity it has to contend with:

I will greet this day with love in my heart.

And how will I do this?
Henceforth will I look on all things with love and be born again.
I will love the sun for it warms my bones;
yet I will love the rain for it cleanses my spirit.
I will love the light for it shows me the way;
yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars.
I will welcome happiness as it enlarges my heart;
yet I will endure sadness for it opens my soul.
I will acknowledge rewards for they are my due;
yet I will welcome obstacles for they are my challenge.


You must not lose faith in humanity.
Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty,
the ocean does not become dirty.
- Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi

We cannot despair of humanity,
since we ourselves are human beings.
- Albert Einstein

Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded.
It's a relationship between equals.
Only when we know our own darkness well
can we be present with the darkness of others.
Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.
- Pema Chodron
Onward :-)

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