Notations on a Very Interesting Week-End Around The World :-)

It was a very historic weekend that saw Ukraine go through another Revolution.    The scenes from Ukraine as people power asserted itself ever more was absolutely beautiful to watch.   Just like all Revolutions, the aftermath will not be as beautiful.

In making the rounds of the "Social Grid", I saw someone citing Egypt as an example of what can go wrong.  There is also some understandable scepticism as to what Mr. Putin will do now that he's done with Sochi after having spent $ 50 Billion Dollars with a ravaged environment and a legacy that is yet to even begin to be realized.    Some on the US "Public Affairs" programs noted how Putin would be such a tough customer to deal with.    The Russian Ambassador to Ukraine has already been recalled to Moscow.

As Ukraine looks to Europe and has to balance its' very existence with the big brother to the North, there is the upheaval in the Americas.    Venezuela continues to be besieged by protests.    I am amazed that they have been able to be placated as long as they have.  It has been amusing to see Nicholas Maduro on the blame train accusing CNN and the State Department of interfering in the internal affairs of the Country.  This is also as telesur is featuring an interview with Nicholas Maduro on how the US is formenting a coup:

I have to wonder whether Nietzche was right:

“There are no eternal facts,  as there are no absolute truths.”

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