On The Fight For Freedom: Peter Greste's letter from Tora prison - Al Jazeera Blogs

Just like many around the World, I have been following the plight of the Al Jazeera team detained by Egyptian Military Authorities.    Although the current Egyptian authorities want the World to believe that they are a Democracy, the detention of the Al Jazeera Team shows that this is far from the real truth.  This is as 29 people lost their lives in violence in Cairo just now.

I will continue to track this and periodically comment and share thoughts on Twitter as well using the hashtag #freeAJStaff to do my part.   Freedom of Expression is fundamental--there should be no compromise.   No Government should be afraid.

 My thoughts and prayers are with The Al Jazeera Team and their families as they endure this and commend Mr. Greste for the courage he's shown in this letter: A letter from Tora prison - Al Jazeera Blogs
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