A "M-Thought" on the First W-End of the New Year: Blue Looks Good On You & Other Thoughts :-)

I have been "on the Grid" for the evening making the on-going rounds as I continue to "get cracking" for what I hope is a "breakthrough year".   Although there are minefields to be navigated through for sure,  the need to remember the simple resolution to "smile and be happy" should overcome any perceived challenge before me. I caught this beauty of a song to underscore the hope for life.  Blue, to me, is about being and staying hopeful.  Although admittedly at times that sense of hope has not been as vibrant as I would have liked, it is so striking how what is before me at times reminds me of the need to serve and be ever so thankful.  I was reminded of it as I drove down to Capistrano Beach to help serve the homeless with the Welcome Inn.   These poor souls had set up camp right in the back of the Church and were getting ready to call it a night as we were shutting down the daily service--and it was heart wrenching.  

As I began my day, I received word from one of my students about she and her spouse were living in a Motel and the Motel had caught fire--and they literally may be homeless.    Such may be minor to some--but it a reminder for us to cherish what we have and be able to do what we can.     Such events--and my morning of service w/my Son at Laguna Niguel City Hall assisting in bringing down a "Canstruction" House--really got to me.   Although I have done my small part to serve, the past 24 hours has reaffirmed it by remembering the "blueness" in our lives and how we ought to remain cheerful and hopeful.    We can't do no less.

Until next time :-)

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