2014 Has Arrived: Brief Personal Thoughts

The 2nd Day of 2014 is winding down.   I took some "day-cation" time to reflect as I spent the afternoon joining the folks @ the Welcome Inn to assist in serving the homeless.  It was heart wrenching to see all these souls who had set up camp and were so thankful for the Meal that was served by one of the faith-based organizations that is part of the Welcome Inn.   The utter tragedy of it all was absolutely beyond Words.  It was truly the epitome of Dickens "A tale of Two Cities" that the new Mayor of New York talked about in his inaugural address.   I saw that with my eyes in one of the wealthiest parts of the World:  South Orange County, California.

Although the few days of "day-cation" was a luxury I could not afford, it was necessary as I work on the Daily Outsiders 2014 and other initiatives.     I do continue to cherish all the blessings as I read up on the horrific condition of High School Students in China, the bombings in Beirut, the continued carnage in Iraq and the war in South Sudan.     Of all the current flare-ups, the one in Iraq is ever so bothersome as the Al Qaeda Affiliates have taken over Falluja and Ramadi.    Falluja is especially dramatic as it was the scene of a horrific battle that saw that City be destroyed by the US Marines during the occupation of Iraq--and the people of Falluja have suffered ever since.

I made one simple resolution:  To Smile & Be Happy.  It was not easy to be smiling over the past 24 hours.  But Gandhi Ji reminded us to be the change we want to see in the World.   It starts with us.

Onward :-)
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