Winding Down 2013: Final Thought & Sharing Rob Tardik's Smile

2013 is going to be history soon.       As I finished the rounds of the "Social Grid" and finished final reflections, I remain ever so grateful for all--and very appreciative of all who have been gracious enough to "drop in" as I continue the on-going development of this and other projects.     I have personally resolved to be simply "Smile & be Happy".   This beautiful rendition by Rob Tradik is ever so "right"--I initially shared this one year ago this day w/friends and I think it is ever so critical to remember it.   It is not easy to smile as one is observant to the continued challenges in the World as epitomized by carnage in Syria, the daily carnage in Iraq and the war in South Sudan.   However, there is no other choice but to smile and work to overcome challenges while remembering that all of us are brothers and sisters in ultimately insuring that we leave this blessed Earth a bit better than we've found it.

Onward to 2014--looking forward to "seeing" all on the "other side".
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