Reflecting Upon Madiba as the World Remembers & Celebrates :-)

The World continues to remember Madiba.    There is a sense of sadness--but also a celebration of a true life of purpose and commitment as South Africans were in front of the Mandela home singing and dancing and remembering this great man.

I was struck by the simple tribute on the South African Presidency Website reflects it all as the World continues to remember this great servant.    He made such a difference and served as such an example.  I have been inspired by the power of his example and his teachings.    I probably watched the Movie Mandela at least six times to truly grasp and understand the man.   I will never forget when I went to see Invictus and how the essential lesson of reconciliation and love was so prevalent.

May we all continue to  remember, embrace his views and be ever so inspired by  the power of his example:

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